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Optichroic® Dichroic Glass

Safety Laminated Decorative Dichroic Glass for Architectural Applications Click here to read more.

Color Coated (Back-Painted) Glass

Bendheim’s Color-Coated glass offers a vast range of finishes and textures in the entire spectrum of color – from Pantone® and paint manufacturer’s color chips to specialty fabrics, prints, and more. Click here to read more.

VintageWire™ Decorative Laminated Glass

New Decorative Wire Laminated Glass Blends Vintage Aesthetics with Functionality and Modern Safety Standards Click here to read more.

Magnetic Glass Marker Boards

Pristine, Durable & Functional Magnetic Glass Writing Surfaces Click here to read more.

Color Glass Marker Boards

In-Style Architectural & Interior Design Colors Inspire New Bendheim Glass Marker Board Collection Click here to read more.

“Jelly Bean” Colored Glass Collection

The new safety-laminated “Jelly Bean” Glass Collection features 14 bright colors bringing a sense of optimism and comfort to hospitality, retail, healthcare, educational, and corporate environments. Click here to read more.

Chic Glass Collection – Decorative Laminated Glass

Decorative Laminated Chic Glass Incorporates Specialty Textiles, Offers Luxury Design Element for Contemporary Interiors Click here to read more.

Houdini™ Micro-Ribbed Ultra-Privacy Glass

Bendheim is introducing Houdini™ Glass, a specialized decorative architectural glass delivering the benefits of both privacy and daylight. Click here to read more.

Improved Ultra-Clear Low Iron Channel Glass by Bendheim Wall Systems

Improved ultra-clear, low iron channel glass, in six exciting textures, expands the design possibilities for architects and designers. Click here to read more.

eh Oui for Bendheim - Woven Metal Textiles Laminated in Glass

A collection of decorative architectural glasses featuring intricately woven metal textiles laminated between ultra-clear low-iron glasses and mirrors. Click here to read more.

Platinum Elements™ – Contemporary Decorative Glass Designs

The new Platinum Elements collection comprises never-before-seen decorative glass designs for inspired contemporary interiors. Click here to read more.

KOVA for Bendheim – Decorative Laminated Glass Collection

The new KOVA for Bendheim glass collection transforms diaphanous fabrics into safety building products, creating fresh possibilities for dividing interior spaces. Click here to read more.